The Pilgrim's Cross & The Saint's Victory By W. Croker

The Efficacy of The Blood of Christ By William Wales Horne

The Love of God By William Wales Horne

The Person of Immanuel; or Christ Very God, and Very man, in One Person By William Wales Horne.

The Doctrine of Garrett Refuted, showing that Christ had a human Soul By William Huntington.

Natural and Spiritual Birth A Sermon Preached by John Hazelton 1887

The Faith of The Gospel Vindicated in Two Sermons By William Wales Horne 1799.

The Eternal Existence of The Lord Jesus Christ By Benjamin Wallin 1766

Biblical Criticisms And Illustrations of Experimental Godliness By William Wales Horne 1825

The Lord's Supper By Samuel Eyles Pierce 1827

The First London Confession of Faith with An Appendix by Benjamin Cox 1646

A Reply to the Remarks of Gaius on the Faith of The Gospel Vindicated 1801

John Martin The Character of Christ 1793

Samuel Wilson Sermons on Various Subjects 1735

A Scriptural Manual of The Ordinance of Baptism 1745

A Sermon Occasioned by The Death of Samuel Wilson By John Gill 1750

Samuel Jones The Doctrine of The Covenants 1783

Samuel Eyles Pierce "An Essay toward an Unfolding The Glory of Christ "

Samuel Jones "A Treatise of Church Discipline 1798"

Samuel Wilson Industry and Liberality Recommended 1739

Samuel Eyles Pierce Discourses on The Pentateuch

Isaac Watts Infant Sprinkling, No Baptism 1806

Samuel Wilson "Sermons V. & VI. Walking Humbly with God Micah 6:8".

Samuel Wilson "Sermon XVII Self - Examination Jeremiah 8:6".

Samuel Wilson Sermons I. & II. Efficacious Grace Philippians 2:13

Samuel Wilson Sermon on Duties of Pastors and Deacons 1736

Sermons VII.  & VIII. On The New Birth John 3:3

Samuel Wilson "Sermon XVIII. Of Communicating Christian Experience Psalm 66:16".

Sermon XX. The Nature and Privileges of Adoption Galatians 4:6

Sermons XI - XV "The Final Perseverance of The Saints" John 10:28

 Sermon III. The Insufficiency of any Atonement the sinner can make Micah 6:6-8.

Sermon XIX. The Strong Man Conquered Luke 11:21, 22. 

William Styles A Manual of Faith and Practice 1897

John Brine Sermons & Tracts 1732 - 1764

James Pope The Unveiling of The ANTI-CHRIST 1646

Old School Baptist Writings

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Lewis Wayman A Futher Enquiry After Truth 1738

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