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MountZion Rare Books

Updated 06-25-2014



"These pages are 8 1/2 X 11 and only one page per page. Can be printed and bound as a book."


The First London Confession of Faith with An Appendix by Benjamin Cox 1646


Abbadie James "Completed"

                The Deity of Jesus Christ 1838


Atkinson Israel "Completed"
          The Atonement of Christ 1875
                The Doctrine of Faith 1877
                The Grave Question " Considered" 1850


Brine John Original
 Book One  " A Vindication 1746"

Sermons & Tracts

Fawcett John 1740 - 1817

New Testament Commentary



Gill John 1767 "Completed"
A Dissertation Concerning The Antiquity of The Hebrew Language.

A Sermon Occasioned by The Death of Samuel Wilson By John Gill 1750

Horne Wales William
The Faith of The Gospel Vindicated 1799"
A Reply to the Remarks of Gaius on the Faith of The Gospel Vindicated 1801
The Love of God 1800"

The Person of Immanuel 1801"

The Efficacy of The Blood of Christ 1809

Horne Wales William " Completed"
 Book on Biblical Criticisms 1825

How Samuel "Completed"
The Sufficiency of The Holy Spirits Teaching without human learning 1639

Huntington William 1745 - 1813

The Rare Works of William Huntington

Jones Samuel 1735 - 1814

                    The Doctrine of The Covenants 1783
                    A Treatise of Church Discipline 1798

Kinghorn Joseph "Completed"

                Scriptural Arguments For The Divinity of Christ 1813

Martin John "Completed"
             The Character of Christ 1793


Old School Baptist Writings

Palmer William"Completed" "Completed"
             The Free Enquiry into Offered Grace & General Invitations 1828


Pierce Eyles Samuel "Completed"
      Expostion of The Lords Prayer 1812 " Completed"

           The Lord's Supper 1827

           An Essay Toward An Unfolding The Glory of Christ 1808" Completed"

       Pentateuch "Discourses on The Several Revelations of The Lord Jesus      Christ From The Fall to the call of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, " &c. 1815 " Completed"



Pope James

The Unveiling of The Anti-Christ 1646

Rippon John,

Rippon John, The Baptist Annual Register 1790 - 1802


    Ryland  Collett Sr. John Volumes 1 - 3 "Completed"
    Volumes One, Two and Three

Silver Frederick " Completed"

               The Sword of The Spirit 1835

Stennett Joseph "Completed"
           Answer To Mr. David Russen's Book 1704

Stevens John " Completed"

        Baptism Accomplish 1818
God's Heavenly Register 1823 
  Thoughts on Sanctifications 1816
       The Gospel Commission 1841    
           The Pleasure of God 1844

           The Saviour's Purchase 1838
            Help for The Disciples of Immanuel 1841

Styles JeyesWilliam

A Manual of Faith and Practice 1897

Tant William " Completed"

The Grace of God in seven chapters 1837

Twisse William

The Riches of God's Love 1653

Wayman Lewis 1738

A Futher Enquiry After Truth



Wells James  "Completed"

The Moral Government of God 1840

Wilson Samuel "Ministry From 1724 - 1750"

Sermons on Various Subjects 1735

A Scriptural Manual of The Ordinance of Baptism 1745

Industry and Liberality Recommended 1739